Hello, Internet! 👋

Hello new friends, my name is Jacob Impson. I am a web developer and all-round fun dude from Perth, Western Australia. I’ve been a part of the developer community for a while now, but for some reason I’ve always been a passive observer, rather than an active participant. In person I am a total chatterbox - not sure why that never translated over to my digital persona. But that’s changing!

As of now, I am going to try and be a more vocal member of the community and I’m pretty excited about it. I like to think that I have opinions and knowledge that other people may be able to benefit from so I’m going to stop hiding in my little box and start rambling into the void to see if any body will listen or care.

A little rapid fire bio about myself..

  • Currently working as a Senior Front End Developer at Juicebox.
  • I love music with the majority of my heart, focusing in mostly on pop punk and hip hop. There are no secrets though, you can see pretty much everything I have ever listened to over on my Last.fm, including what I listened to on the bus to and from highschool.
  • I currently have a passionate fire in my heart for Dart and Flutter (We’ll see how long that lasts). Very excited to see how the project will develop over the following months/years. In more day to day terms I mostly develop using React, WordPress and Laravel.
  • I play guitar and sing in a pop punk band called Being Beta, you can here all of our music, including our recently released album for free on Bandcamp or on most streaming platforms.
  • I am a massive video game fan. Some all time favourites are Bloodborne the Megaman X series and Spelunky.

I appreciate that this blog isn’t the prettiest thing. To me it was more important to build something simple so I could start blogging immediately. I am proud of my little album chart though - thought that was pretty cool.

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